Presentation on the Elements of Futures Studies

A young researcher during presentation www

A brief presentation on the Elements of Futures Studies was delivered by Dr George Profitiliotis in December 2022 in the context of the workshop “Entrepreneurship in Europe in 2040: Opportunities and Prospects,” initiated by GRBossible “In Action” Youth Entrepreneurship Festival. During the Workshop, fundamental concepts of Futures Studies as well as areas that may give rise to business opportunities in the future were discussed, and “Thing from the Future” was used as a means to activate the participants’ imagination to design business ideas from the future on the spot.

As part of the presentation, our involvement in the FUTURES project was also mentioned as an example of employing future-oriented tools in education and with regard to the personal and professional development of high school and university students as well as early-stage researchers.

Main slide. Elements of Futures Studies