The latest updates regarding IO3

After the Radom meeting, the FUTURES partners validated the questionnaire to be submitted to high school students. The questionnaire is composed of multiple choice questions which aim to identify what are the expectations of young Europeans regarding their personal and professional future. Hanze University of Applied Sciences group, as coordinator of Intellectual Output 3, is starting in these days the analysis of the results that are expected to be very interesting. In fact, many young people left relevant comments on the final open question, expressing all their confidence in the future and demonstrating that they are aware that we can all play a decisive role in improving the fate of our planet.

The questionnaires were distributed in the official languages of the partnership (Polish, Italian, English, Greek, and Dutch) and then all partners contributed to their dissemination and subsequent translation.

Thanks to the vision of the high school students, the FUTURES team will be able to adapt the already developed training materials in IO2 to the needs of the youngest, who are the ones who truly represent the future of our Europe.
The training materials will be used for training workshops and/or as e-learning materials. With respect to the content of the toolbox and Training manual:

  • L-ITeE, BUT and ValueDo will adapt the foresight methods/tools for professional development already prepared for IO2;
  • FORTH and Hanze will adapt the foresight methods/tools for personal development already prepared for IO2;
  • MDX will undertake the adaptation of the foresight method/tool(s) entailing drama and performance-based pedagogies as well as theatre-based and role-playing techniques already prepared for IO2.

High school students will be invited to take part in the workshops organized by the universities and FORTH. About 15 students per partner will take part in the pilot courses (60 learners in total).

The first course to be implemented will be the one hosted in Heraklion. During this pilot, a short-term joint staff training event (3 days) will take place, in order to allow the other partners to deliver training and have the possibility of learning from this experience before replicating it in their countries. The partners already agreed on the dates: the LTTA will take place between 9th and 11th March 2023.

Needless to say we can’t wait to fly to Greece!