FUTURES at Łukasiewicz Innovatorium

The Łukasiewicz Innovatorium took place on the 9th of June in Poznań, Poland. The event was attended by nearly 1,200 people, including representatives of leading Polish companies and startups, scientists and employees of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, public institutions, and the media. During 33 panels and matchmaking sessions, participants had a chance to talk about, inter alia, creating project teams and consortia which will aim at the preparation of applications for the Horizon Europe program and national funds.

The FUTURES team was present at Innovatorium as the project is in line with the goals and strategy of the Łukasiewicz Research Network. It is worth mentioning that in November 2021, the Center for Foresight and Internationalization (CFI) was established in Łukasiewicz, headed by Rafael Popper, an expert with over 20 years of international experience in the field of foresight and supporting the development of innovation.


During the workshops and matchmaking sessions, many topics directly related to the development of Early Stage Researchers and the future of Europe were discussed, including implementation doctorates, development of competences in the field of R&D, cooperation between science and business, the future of Europe in the context of a green and competitive industry, and the New European Bauhaus. Each time, the importance of employee development and future-oriented thinking was emphasized.

At the Łukasiewicz-ITEE stand, our team talked about the main goals of the project, and its impact on personal and professional development, which will significantly contribute to the development of various fields of science and economy, and presented dissemination materials. The Innovatorium participants were interested in the FUTURES project as many of them had never had a chance to learn more about foresight and Futures Literacy. They stated that the final result will be very interesting and certainly useful for people who care about their future, especially in the R&D sector. We are very pleased that the project, which is still under development, was received so positively and that the participants of the event declared the use of our materials. In this way, FUTURES contributes to the development of European science and economy!