The course of the FUTURES project is about to start!

The partners of the FUTURES project have finalized the preparation of the training materials and contents that will compose the final course, named: Replay your futures – Labs for exploring undiscovered pathways. The course is divided into 3 modules that can be followed one after the other or individually:

  • Hanze University and the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH) developed the Module “Anticipation for emergence – overcoming the poverty of our imagination”
  • Bialystok University and Łukasiewicz Research Institute worked on the Module “Anticipation for future”
  • Middlesex University developed the Module “Performance for futures”

The training materials are very interactive and the partners worked very hard to make them interesting and engaging: their final goal was the development of non-formal education/training resources o future literacy and foresight.

The partners decided to organize the pilot of the modules internally. The partners that will deliver the modules will be

Hanze University, Bialystok University, Łukasiewicz Research Institute and Middlesex University.

The authors of each module will deliver at least one session of 2/3 hours of the module they have prepared within their institution, addressing about 20 of their students / early-stage researchers (to reach the final target of 80 people in total).
All the partners will be invited to participate in the pilot of the session, to learn from the other author/s of the training how to deliver it and be able to give feedback to the teaching for improving it.

All the internal pilots will take place online and be organized by the end of March 2022.

Once the internal testing phase will be conducted, the partners will replicate the sessions of the modules prepared by the other authors, within their institutions, addressing their students / early-stage researchers. In this way, at the end of the pilot course, the 4 organizations should have delivered at least one session of each module of the course “Replay your futures – Labs for exploring undiscovered pathways” with the target learners.

The organizations are free to decide whether to involve in the replication of the sessions the same sample of students or different students for each of them, or a mix of them.

The replication of the sessions will take place by the end of April 2022 and the organizations can decide whether to deliver the session in person or online, taking into consideration the national situation.

The partners are eager to start the internal pilot, to finally work with students and early-stage researchers and implement all the work done in the past months dedicated to the preparation of the training materials.

The partners are also planning to have a two-day meeting in Bialystok in May 2022. They will take this occasion to deliver the three modules of the course to a sample of BUT students.