Design principles

In July 2021 adult educators, coaches and mentors were invited to take part in a research conducted within the FUTURES project (Erasmus+), in order to  identify principles, important for the design and realization of educational materials and initiatives, affecting the personal and professional development of young people (students and high school students) in Poland, Greece, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

In order to carry out the research, the Delphi method was chosen, which utilizes the experts’ experience and knowledge – while in case of the FUTURES project – in the field of supporting personal and professional development of young people through education, training, coaching, mentoring, etc.

The aim of the survey was to reach a consensus on choosing the most relevant design principles (by the term design principles we refer to the principles, used during the organisation of workshops and trainings), that should be taken into account when designing and developing educational materials and/or activities, aimed at personal and professional development of young people.

A Delphi survey is a structured process, which enables collection of different opinions and gives opportunity for a discussion among experts in order to achieveaunified expert opinion.

The educational materials and activities, which are to be developed within this project, take inspirations and utilize theories and practices from the following areas:

– foresight and Futures Literacy,

– theatre and performance,

– identity work,

– sustainable development.

Now we are waiting for the final results of the survey, which will be adopted for validating the first draft of the principles for future-oriented and professional development before its release.

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