Anticipation workshops at BUT

On April 19th, 2021, the BUT project team conducted Anticipation Workshop entitled Futures of Work 2040. In this event, held online via MS TEAMS platform, 15 participants took part. They represented three groups: high school students, university students and PhD students (young researchers).

The main theme of the workshops was the labor market and its future. Students worked in small groups, moderated by the project team members, discussing four alternative scenarios describing future labor market. In particular, they focused on future aspirations, needs, fears and hopes, skills gaps and shortages concerning each scenario.  Scenarios were developed by ranking factors affecting the development of the labor market in  the horizon of 2040 in terms of importance and uncertainty.

The aim of the workshops was also to familiarize participants with methods of futures studies (scenario method and futures wheel). Most desirable scenario (Youth in the virtual world)  was identified by voting and then discussed in terms of the consequences of the first and second order with the use of futures wheel technique.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to evaluate the developed design principles and indicate their suggestions in this regard.

Participants of Anticipation Workshop entitled Futures of Work 2040. MS Teams screenshot.